About Us

Frank Hoff fouded Hoff Jewlers in 1938 at Dale and Como Streets in St. Paul Minnesota.

Frank Hoff was one of the first in Minnesota to earn the title of Certified Gemologist.

Frank always kept up on his gemology and took a yearly test from the institue. He alsways passed the first time.

Frank was drafted into the ary during WWII. He was decorated for valor and was wounded 3 times in combat. Of the 40 men in Frank's platoon who landed at anzio, only he and one other remained at the end of the war. Frank felt lucky to return home.

Frank remained somewhat active in the business until age 87. He always enjoted talking to customers and friends. Frank passed away in September 2012 at the age of 96. His business still remains in the family. Frank will be missed by friends and customers alike.